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2023 Summer Updates!

Hello! This is Hannah with an update as we enter the later part of Summer 2023.

While the last 2 years I was participating in and leading banjo builds around the country, this summer has been a very different vibe for me! BBRP has been my baby over the last 5 years, a project very close to my heart that I’ve been able to co-create and build with many of you. 

This Summer I have spent almost exclusively focused on having my actual new born baby who arrived earthside on July 1st! Over 6 weeks in my post partum healing and I’m just starting to re-enter the world and rejoin the projects that have continued with other collaborators at BBRP. 

Ultimately, my birth journey has reflected so much of my work and time with BBRP. Working with the gourd has been such a sacred experience, one that has allowed for much transformation and community support to bring into this world as an instrument made from earthly resources. Supporting and holding space for people exploring music has been a reflection of what I’ve learned from the world of birth and the sensitivity needed to allow growth in ourselves. I see the cultural traditions of birth, craft, musical expression and connecting with nature as all intertwined and I look forward to the ways of integrating these aspects of life into my work as an artist and facilitator. 

Everyone, we want to thank you for your patience with receiving zines from us through the mail— there’s still a few that need to be sent out and I assure you that those tasks have not been forgotten. 

I also want to thank all the contributors from recent months who have been taping in with our intentions and organizing even as we take these intentional resting periods. There are some major projects in the works for the remainder of this year and next that we can’t wait to share with you as details emerge. 

For now I am celebrating the birth of Baby Starling, playing lots of music for them, and continuing to support the ongoing work happening to build instruments, continue developing our long term goals and creating connections that will carry us forward. 

For our Bay Area community, we invite you to check out this in person event happening this coming Wednesday the 23rd— the annual Faith and Justice Breakfast hosted by East Bay Housing Organizations, purchase tickets here! 

BBRP folks will be supporting the efforts for housing Justice and will be sharing music interspersed throughout the program. 

We always look forward to these opportunities to share space and share presence and we hope to see some of you there!

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