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Our Team

Black Banjo Reclamation Project


Hannah Mayree


Our team has been steadily growing for the last 5 years of growth. Musician and Founder, Hannah Mayree has been boots on the ground from the start as the Executive Director, organizing programs and has stepped into many teaching roles over the years.

Sulé Greg Wilson

Lead Facilitator Banjo Building Workshop

Sulé Greg Wilson has taken on a role on the Banjo Building Workshop team as a lead facilitator while also being a major connection to our sister organization in the Gambia the Akonting Heritage Centre.


Patrice Strahan

Design Lead Banjo Building Workshop

Patrice Strahan is our other design lead of our Banjo Building Workshops who also facilitates music programs alongside Hannah and Sulé.

Jerred Branch

Jerred Branch is our lead support staff 

Tyree Boyd-Pates

Tyree Boyd-Pates of Freedom School Online— a historian, curator and educator.

Stellar Dutcher

Stellar Dutcher teams up with BBRP to support our social justice work as a white, European facilitator and musician who is also dismantling white-supremacy through song.

Traver Riggins

Our land-based farm lead is Traver Riggins

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